Private boat storage

Members have access to the clubhouse facilities, club boats and equipment, 365 days a year. Members can store their own paddle and boat in the clubhouse, although there may be a waiting list for a boat rack.  The racks are suitable for K and TK boats only – larger boats and ocean skis cannot be accommodated.

Please email the boat rack co-ordinator with enquiries or to join the waiting list.

Private boats valued over $500 can be included in the club’s insurance. This provides coverage for damage occurring while paddling or when the boat is in the clubhouse or in transit.

Members with private boats stored in the clubhouse are contacted each year to confirm whether they want their boat insured.

Valuation of private boats is subject to review by the Committee and must be consistent with club fleet Fixed Assets valuation method as per annual financial reports.

For all the details, download the INCC Private boat space allocation policy.