Club members of all abilities are encouraged to participate in races run by Paddle Victoria and Paddle Australia throughout the year. INCC has a proud history at races with many paddlers attending national and world championships.

Racing is not just for experienced athletes, Paddle Victoria events offer shorter distances (e.g. 8km marathon) and a social division for paddlers who are new to racing and is perfect for paddlers who want to safely explore a new river without being timed. Events have on water safety (powered boats) that help paddlers who are having difficulties or capsize.

The club hosts one race per year that provides a great opportunity to try your first race. Those who are not paddling in the race are expected to help volunteer on this day.

INCC offers support for new paddlers who are getting started with racing. The club often organises to take a boat trailer to events, making it easy for new members unfamiliar with transporting a boat.

All paddlers are welcome to contact Race Participation Coordinator Penny Young at races@incc.org for help and advice.

Paddle Victoria organises many races in various disciplines. See Paddle Victoria for event dates and details.