INCC is an incorporated association under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act. New rules and by-laws were adopted in 2013. All members should read the document as it provides a good summary of the rights and responsibilities associated with membership.

The purposes of the club are to

  • promote and develop competitive and non-competitive canoeing
  • promote canoeing values and the implications for canoeing in recreational and natural resource planning and management
  • represent and promote the interests of Members to Australian Canoeing and Canoeing Victoria
  • pursue high standards of safety, education and training in all aspects of canoeing.

The rules also outline (at a high level) members’ rights, obligations and liabilities, classes of membership and processes to apply and renew membership each year. The rules also deal with administrative arrangements, such as

  • a register of members and members’ access to documents
  • requirements for the Annual General Meeting to consider the accounts, report(s) from the committee and auditors, and the election of committee members and Life Members, plus any special business
  • requirements for General Meetings and Special General Meetings
  • a quorum at any general meeting is 20 people or 10% of the membership, whichever is the greater
  • committee roles and responsibilities, including the management of conflicts of interest
  • disciplinary processes
  • management of club funds

The By-Laws were added to the Rules in 2013 to assist members’ understand the benefits and expectations associated with membership of the club. Over the years, decisions had been made and issues resolved by the committee. Some of these had been communicated in hand-outs, notices in the clubhouse or policy documents (with some published on the website), while others were communicated less formally through word of mouth, orientation briefings etc.

The committee felt it was important for these important issues to be clearly articulated and any serious breach of the club’s expectations of members be linked to the disciplinary provisions set out in the Rules. The committee also agreed that these decisions should be subject to review by the membership. The By-Laws provide detail on matters such as:

  • online renewal, orientation and keys
  • use of club boats, equipment and clubhouse facilities
  • storage of members’ private equipment

For more information and details about the administration of the club, download a copy of the rules and by-laws.