Clubhouse redevelopment shelved again by Yarra Council

July 1, 2015

While preliminary design work was funded in the 2014-15 financial year and undertakings given that this year’s budget would include a $360k capital budget for redevelopment of the Panther Pavilion in Fairfield Park, Yarra City Council’s final budget for 2015-16 has no allocation for the project.

The club lodged a submission to the council in May when the draft budget, without the expected $360k, was released for public consultation . The submission outlines INCC’s needs, previous (aborted) initiatives by Council to redevelop or rebuild a canoe facility on the site, plus letters of support from Australian Canoeing and Canoeing Victoria.

The committee will be keeping up our campaign for an appropriate redevelopment of the building as a paddle sport facility and will be calling on our members to assist.