NEW TO INCC: Paddle with a Buddy!

NEW TO INCC: Paddle with a Buddy!
November 26, 2018

OUR FIRST SESSION: Saturday 1 December 2018 at 10.30 am (meet at INCC)

The Club is now holding “Paddle with a buddy” session to encourage more members to get on the water! These sessions are for new/”returning” paddlers wanting to start using their membership and get more involved in paddling (or returning paddlers who want a more relaxed approach to paddling at the club).

These sessions are ideal for those who:

  • have completed our beginner course, or club members who don’t have the confidence to paddle on their own,
  • want to connect with other paddlers of similar ability to build up skills together, or
  • just want to make friends to paddle with socially, on a regular basis.

The minimum requirement is that you have already completed a beginner course or can otherwise paddle.

Depending on ability levels and interest, the plan is to paddle downstream to about Bellbird Landing (less than 5 km round trip), or shorter distances depending on fitness and preferences.

Experienced club members will paddle along with the group, to be on hand to assist if needed.

Afterwards, we would have tea and toast at the club together, or a coffee a Fairfield Boathouse.

There is no cost associated with doing these paddles, but to ensure we have a suitable number of experienced paddlers with you, please let us know that you intend to come along.

If you are a current club member, please just email us at

If you are a previous INCC club member, or a past INCC beginner course participant wishing to join in, please register your interest by following this link to Register Now where some additional information will be required.

The first session will be 1 December 2018. Meet at the club at 10.30 am to get changed and gear organized, before heading down to the river(within 20 minutes).

Remember to bring the usual personal gear – towel, soft water shoes, lanyard for glasses, change of clothes, money for coffee.  All other equipment will be provided (eg. kayak, paddle, pfd) if you do not have your own.

We look forward to paddling with you and helping you to make social connections within the club.