New opportunities for members to paddle

April 25, 2020
Yarra Council has authorised very limited access to the clubhouse. This has enabled us to provide new opportunties for members to get out paddling during the COVID-19 restrictions.
Members’ boat collection
There will be four more opportunities for members to collect their boats from the clubhouse. There will be a committee member at the clubhouse at the following times to provide access. Please email  to book your pick up time.
  • Wednesday May 6 9–10am
  • Thursday May 7, 4–5pm
  • Saturday May 9, 8–9am
  • Sunday May 10, 8–9am
Appropriate social distancing will be observed.
Club Boat loans
In order to support members who do not own their own equipment the club is offering to lend a boat, paddle and PFD to any member who can fulfil the following criteria.
  1. Has suitable paddling experience (to be tested by a committee member when collecting boat if unknown}
  2. Has an appropriate car, racks and cradles to transport the boat
  3. Has a secure, undercover storage area to keep the boat
  4. Will paddle on flatwater only
There will be a $500 deposit required to borrow a boat. The deposit will be refunded when the boat is returned in the same condition. If providing the deposit creates financial hardship, please contact Candice on 0431 106 081.
A ballot will be conducted if too many applications are received. If you are interested in borrowing a boat please complete the details on this form
The deadline for applications for club boat borrowing is Tuesday May 5th.
Stay safe
Debbie Bennett
President INCC Yarra Paddlers