INCC in WA gold rush

April 4, 2013

Victorian, and in particular INCC, athletes dominated the National Marathon titles held in Perth over the Easter weekend. Our juniors put in some outstanding performances, with individual gold medals going to Penny Young and Logan Dutton and INCC crews winning the U14 girls, and both boys and girls titles in the U16 boys and U18 age groups. Our older members also came home with plenty of metal in their luggage.


  • Jacqui Sylivris and Bridget Barnes placed 4th and 5th in the U14 girls
  • Hamish Young placed second in the U16 boys, with Andrew Holloway and Callum Gosbell placing 5th and 7th respectively
  • In the U16 girls, Megan Macko took silver with INCC teammates also placing well – Brigitte Blood (4th), Stephanie Langley (5th), Isabella Jenzen (6th), Isabella Neilson (8th), Bridget Henry (9th), Louise Spencer (10th) and Oliver Kurczycki (11th)
  • Penny Young finished in 1st place in the U18 Women’s race, with Bee Lovick and Arabella Eyre placing 6th & 7th
  • Logan Dutton won the gold medal in the U18 Men, with Alexander Neilson 6th
  • Robbie Ardoom took 8th place in the Open Men’s event
  • Sally Miller placed third in the W50
  • Suzanne Lipe and Debbie Bennett placed 3rd and 4th in the W55
  • Rob Russell took silver in the M55
  • John Young placed 4th in the M50[/star_list]


  • Bridget Barnes / Jacqui Sylivris took 1st place in the U14 girls
  • Andrew Holloway / Hamish Young won the U16 boys, with Callum Gosbel and Edison Tan each teaming up with West Australians to take 3rd and 4th place respectively
  • Stephanie Langley / Megan Macko took the gold medal in the U16 girls, with Brigitte Blood / Isabella Jenzen taking silver and Olivia Kurczycki / Louise Spencer in 4th place
  • Penny Young and Nell Cuthbertson took 1st place in the U18 Girls.  Arabella Eyre (with Tarryn Coward from Ascot CC) placed 4th
  • Logan Dutton (with Casey Haynes from Sherbrooke) took 1st place in the U18 Boys, with Alex Neilson and Will Reed taking 3rd.  Edison Tan (with Thomas Coleman) and Ed Lovick (with Chris Smith from Fairfield) placed 5th and 6th respectively
  • Rob Russell / Suzanne Lipe were 2nd in the Vet5o Mixed, with John Young & Annette Scott, 4th
  • Sally Miller / Deb Bennet placed second in the W50[/star_list]

There are hundreds of photos – great that our INCC members wore club uniforms, so they are pretty easy to spot.