Clubhouse redevelopment dropped from Council draft budget again

May 6, 2016

After a frustrating couple of years, the INCC committee was delighted to have the opportunity to work with senior managers at the City of Yarra on a solution that would provide sufficient boat storage space and social area for a club of 400 people. The project was in the work plan for the 2016-17 year…until it was dropped (again!!) from the draft budget published last month.

For the second consecutive year, the committee has prepared a budget submission to the council requesting the project be reinstated in the budget and will also appear at the council meeting on May 23rd to speak to the submission. It would great to see a contingent of INCC members at that meeting to support the club. For details of the meeting, go to the council’s website.

The committee is also planning to engage the local media and to use social media to raise awareness in the paddling community and in the local area. If any members are able to help with this, please contact Candice on 0431 106 081 or via email.