Clubhouse redevelopment – comment on the latest design

Clubhouse redevelopment – comment on the latest design
June 19, 2014

Following feedback from the committee, the Council has provided an updated design for the clubhouse redevelopment planned to commence in May 2015. All INCC members are encouraged to give feedback on the design by adding a comment to this post (look for ‘leave a reply’ at the bottom).

The key differences between this version and the initial concept are:

  • repositioning the accessible toilet to provide more space in the change rooms
  • decking on the western side to provide a more even level when moving boats in and out
  • access ramp from the path

We are still in the early stages of the design process and there are likely to be several aspects that need further thought. The committee will collate members’ feedback and discuss with the Council and/or architect. Download pdf