Splash and a giggle…first Sunday Club Doubles event next week

February 28, 2021

INCC Yarra Paddlers’ club races and BBQ

We are launching a regular schedule of fun mornings with club races and BBQ every two months on a Sunday morning from 10 am. The first event is next Sunday, March 7. If you’re ready for a bit of fun and an opportunity to meet other paddlers…then put all the dates in your diary now.


We hear you asking…how will it work?

  • Register online by 8 am and arrive at the clubhouse at 10 am
  • two-person crews will be drawn randomly – one novice and one experienced paddler – and assigned a ‘start wave’ (don’t worry that you’ll forget, we will write the number on your arm triathlon-style)
  • everyone listens to the briefing
  • crews select a TK2, get their paddles and move down to the steps
  • first start wave (3 boats) departs at 10.40 am, with a few minutes between each wave
  • race downstream to Bellbird Landing and back (~5k)
  • recover, shower, change – or a combination thereof!
  • enjoy BBQ lunch from about 12.30 pm
  • congratulate the winners, relive the drama and excitement of the morning
  • help tidy up and be gone by 2 pm

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? But now we hear you asking…

  • What boats can we use? – any TK2 club boat or your own
  • Will there be prizes? There will be a prize for the fastest time… but its mostly about having fun – this is NOT serious racing!
  • Do I have to wear a PFD? Yes, absolutely
  • Where’s Bellbird Landing? In the middle of the flying fox colony but we will have a turn-buoy or someone calling out just to make sure you don’t end up at Dight’s Falls by mistake
  • Why the random draw for crews? Its a great way to meet new people plus, if you haven’t raced before you can be confident that your buddy has the skills…it even could lead to some unique side-betting opportunities…

Sunday Club Doubles – dates for 2021

7 March
9 May
4 July
12 September
7 November
4 December

If you are not paddling but willing to help out with the race or be a BBQ masterchef, email Sally