Paddle to the City

Paddle to the City

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Join fellow paddlers in a leisurely paddle to the City.  We will pass through many landmarks of our mighty Birrarung (Yarra) on the way.   After Studley Park we will circle around (portage) Dights Falls, wave at the ponies at Collingwood Children’s Farm, sniff the yeasty fumes from CUB, goggle at the mansions on the river, float past Herring Island then glide under the historic bridges to land at the just before Swan Street bridge (* updated lunch location as Rowing club area restricted access as they set up for Moomba)  and have lunch.

When: Sunday 6th March

Meet up time: Arrive at INCC at 9:00 am

Returning to INCC: ~ about 3:00 pm

Paddling distance: 22 Km

Portage distance at Dights Falls: approx. 250 metres

Registration:  Scroll down past the notes to complete the registration.   We need you to register so we know how many boats and paddlers to transport back to INCC.

Other key information

  • We will be paddling in pairs in the TK2’s as it is fun to share the journey with another paddler however if you have your heart set on a TK1, Rebel or K1 then that is just fine also.
  • Must wear a life jacket
  • Must wear some kind of footwear (ie. old sneakers, booties or reef shoes) to protect your feet when portaging around Dights Falls
  • Pack a dry top in a bag to change into after the paddle (we will organise a car to take your bags and food to the end point)
  • UPDATE:  Bring a plate of picnic food to share plus your choice of drink/s
  • Register online here so we know how many boats we need to transport back to INCC

The plan for the paddle

  • Leave INCC as a group and paddle steadily to Dights Falls (6 km)
  • Here we will disembark and carry our boats to about 200 metres past the falls.
  • We will choose a good spot to get back in water.
  • Paddle on at a leisurely pace past through Abbotsford, past the brewery, wave at the rowers at Hawthorn and then stop at the Scotch College landing for a stretch and to re-group. By then you will be at the 15 km mark, give or take.
  • Back in the boats and paddle together for the last 7km past Herring Island, under the bridges to the end point just before Swan St bridge.
  • Watch out for rowers as they are going backwards and will not see you.  If you feel you are in danger of collision and unable to move out of their path then call out ‘ROWER’ loudly (and I mean loudly).  This will trigger them to stop and look around.
  • Because of the river traffic in this part of the Yarra it is very important that you stick to the right hand side of the river.
  • You have made it 22km!  Pat yourself on the back.
  • Pull out the boats at the landing on the South side just before Swan St bridge onto the grass and relax.

Lunch and return to INCC

  • Your bag with a dry clothes will be there for you so get dry and don’t let yourself get cold.
  • UPDATE: Bring a plate of picnic food to share and your choice of drink/s.  We will transport it to the end point with your bag.
  • Relax on the lawn  and enjoy food and chat about the paddle.
  • When we are ready we will load our boats and ferry everyone back to INCC by ~ 3.00pm.

Register here;

Update:  Revised end point and picnic spot – just upstream of Swan St Bridge on the South side of the river.