Learn-to-paddle course registration
INCC Yarra Paddlers' learn-to-paddle course has been developed for people with little or no experience in flatwater kayaks. Participants generally learn in TK1 boats, which are the most stable flatwater boats...but are significant 'tippier' than sea kayaks or recreational craft. The course runs over three sessions and is led by a qualified coach. Group courses usually have eight participants and two coaches. All equipment is provided. The sessions cover basic skills (like getting in/out of the boat), paddling technique and recovering from a capsize. The aim is that at the end of the course, participants will be safe, independent paddlers having fun!
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Learn-to-paddle course

INCC Yarra Paddlers schedule courses during the warmer months in response to demand. If a scheduled course does not receive sufficient bookings, participants will be offered alternative dates or a refund.

Health and safety

All bookings must include declarations and health information relevant to safe participation