The INCC Beginner Program is for adults who are new to paddling or have not paddled flatwater kayaks before.

The aim is for participants to develop basic skills and confidence in touring kayaks (usually a TK1) to ensure safe, independent paddling. The group-based program (usually with 5 to 8 people) consists of three two-hour sessions held over consecutive weeks. The cost of the course is $90 for non-members or $50 for INCC members.  Bookings are required.

During the warmer months, courses start every few weeks providing we have enough people. If there are not enough people to start a course, we will contact you and make other arrangements.


To book a spot go to Register Now. Please note that the fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Kids (over 10 years) can learn to paddle by participating in our Junior Program.