2018-19 membership

The membership year runs from 1st July until 30th June. The fee includes both INCC membership and registration with Australian Canoeing (AC) and Canoeing Victoria (CV).

Please read the rest of this page carefully to ensure you select the appropriate membership category.

Own boat or Regular club boat user? These categories apply to adult and family membership. Membership fees are lower for members who have their own boat because the cost to the club is lower. It is expected that all INCC members use club boats from time to time. You should join under one of the ‘reg club boat user’ categories, if you:

  • only use club boats or don’t have your own boat
  • use club boats regularly (say, more than once a month); or
  • plan to use club boats for competition or away from our stretch of the Yarra.

Competitive or recreational? ‘Full’ membership with CV entitles the person to participate in club, state and national competition. To help understanding, INCC uses the term ‘competitive’ to describe this category. Adult membership categories have an option to join as competitive or recreational.

  • Adult competitive members and members joining under the family, student and junior categories can compete at all levels of competition
  • Adult recreational members cannot compete in any event organised by Canoeing Victoria (including the Winter and Summer Series)

Under 18?

The cut-off date for under age membership categories is December 31. That is to say, if you are 17 or younger on that date, you can join / renew in either of the under 18 membership categories described below. More information

Are you a MLC or Camberwell grammar schools program participant? If so, you don’t need to renew yourself as the school will do this on your behalf.

Junior – U 18 members have full membership rights (including the use of club boats) and can enter State and National championship events. With permission from a parent or guardian, Junior – U18 members will get a key to the clubhouse.

Youth – limited competition members can compete in club and school level races, but cannot compete at State or National level. Youth members participating in school programs affiliated with the club (MLC and Camberwell Grammar) cannot use INCC club boats.

Students who hold ‘Youth U18 – limited competition’ membership who decide to compete at state or national level during the membership year, must upgrade to ‘Junior U18’ membership. The upgrade is also be done via the AC system. Once a member has upgraded, he/she cannot join under the ‘Youth – limited competition’ in later years. ‘Youth to Junior Upgrade’ is not a membership category and should not be selected at the start of the membership year.

Low income? INCC provides adult concessional membership fees for pensioners and Health Care Card holders. ‘Adult Concession’ membership can be selected directly when joining/renewing. If you are joining under this category please email the treasurer with your pension or Health Care Card number and advise if you intend to compete in CV or AC events.

People in other membership categories experiencing financial hardship should email the treasurer.

Using the AC system and paying via ezidebit

Membership is managed through the AC online registration system. When you renew your membership, PLEASE check and update your profile. The club uses the contact information to stay in touch with you via email or phone, so it is very important that you keep it up to date. If your contact details change during the year, please keep them up-to-date on the AC site.

The AC online registration system uses Ezidebit to ensure security of payments made through the site. INCC only accepts registrations with a complete online payment.

More than one paddler in the family?

Paddling couples with children are encouraged to join as a family as there is no limit on the number of children under 18 and students under 24 covered by a family membership. The family membership fee is based on the fee for two adults.

If only one adult in the family paddles it will usually be more cost effective to join individually (1 x adult + juniors). Couples without children should join/renew as two individual adults.

The registration system has been changed this year for family memberships. If you are renewing your family membership, start by registering one of the adults. Here are the steps

  1. login into your profile with your username and select password, which was sent to you in an email from AC or can be obtained by calling CV on 0430 312 252
  2. select the appropriate family membership category for your family (own boats or regular club boat users)
  3. your details will populate automatically – check and if appropriate, update your contact details and other information, including any boats stored in the clubhouse
  4. read the terms and conditions, tick the box under ‘my waiver’
  5. select ‘add additional family members’ and you will be taken to the ‘find a person’ page – you can search by username or with their first name and last name
  6. select the most recent entry for your family member and select ‘add to family’, tick to accept the waiver
  7. repeat for other family members who have been members before
  8. if your family member has not been a member before, select ‘create a new membership record’, fill in the details required and tick the waiver

If you have already joined AC/CV through another club login into the AC registration system and select the ‘register to another club’ on the left of the page.


INCC uses a radio frequency access system to open the door to the clubhouse.

New members will receive a unique, waterproof token (known as a ‘fob’) after participating in an orientation session and demonstrating their paddling competency.

Renewing members’ fobs will be reactivated once you complete yo.ur renewal. If your membership lapses, the token will be disabled. While all adult members receive a fob, Junior – U18 members will only be issued a fob at the request of their guardian. ‘Youth – limited competition’ members do not receive fobs.

A pro-rata discount applies for new members joining after January 1.

New members pay a fee based upon the date of application: 100% of the full year fee is payable for those joining from 1st July to 31st December; 75% of the full year fee applies for those joining in January and February,  50% of the full year fee applies in March and April and 25% for those joining in May. Follow the link to join the club at the bottom of this page to the Australian Canoeing online registration system and remember that only online payments will be accepted.

Existing members pay the full fee for the year regardless of the date of renewal. If you have been a member of AC/CV in the last two years then you must join as an ‘existing’ member (this is an AC/CV requirement). Follow the link at the bottom of this page to the Australian Canoeing online registration system and remember that only online payments will be accepted.[/info_box]


Fees for 2016-17

Please note: An ‘early bird’ discount of $10 applies if you join or renew your membership before the end of July.

ADULT – own boat – competitive $280
ADULT – own boat – recreational $245
ADULT – regular club boat user – competitive $310
ADULT – regular club boat user – recreational $295
ADULT – concession $185
ADULT – regular club boat user – competitive – overseas visitor $200
STUDENT – 18-24 years $155
JUNIOR – under 18 $140
YOUTH – limited competition $75
FAMILY – own boats – 2 adults, students to 24 $560
FAMILY – reg club boat users – 2 adults, students to 24 $620

Join INCC (for new members)

Renew INCC membership (existing members)